All our skin ages and loses collagen and elastin which support our skin and give it its elasticity. However, if you look at your skin that has not been exposed to sunlight, (your bottom, for example) you will notice that, although it is the same age, it does not look as old as the skin on your face or hands. This is the result of photoaging from exposure to the damaging effects of the sun. This skin will show wrinkling and loss of elasticity but also red spots, blood vessels, brown spots and areas of increased pigmentation. The following list lays out what each treatment can do for these conditions.

Intense Pulse Light (IPL).

Treats the colour changes and restores skin to a more youthful appearance. Minimal recovery time. Usually needs at least two treatments.

Photodynamic Therapy (PDT).

Can be with Levulan for activation by the Blu-U light or with IPL. There can be a little longer recovery time. Recommended for treatment of oily skin (acne) or skin with pre-cancerous skin changes (Actinic Keratosis or AK).

ProFractional Resurfacing.

Usually 3-5 days of recovery. Tightens skin, wrinkles, brown spots. Exceptional results.


Treats dynamic wrinkles (created by muscles e.g. frown lines). Forehead, smile lines, lines under the chin and others.


Most commonly used are the hyaluronic acid fillers. These can be place deep in the tissues to remove wrinkles and restore volume to the face. Can also reshape areas such as the nose and lips.


There are specific peels for aging skin. Helps colour and tone.


Gentle to moderate exfoliation and stimulation of the skin. Consider also as a maintenance treatment.

Skin Products.

Good skin care is important. A gentle exfoliant and a good moisturiser are very important. There are lightening agents for areas of pigmentation also.

Mineral Make-Up.

Products such as Jane Iredale mineral powders give a very natural look to the skin as well as superb sun protection to prevent further sun damage.