Most moles are benign in character. Any new, rapidly growing mole, or any skin lesion that changes its size, shape or colour, should be viewed suspiciously and checked. Dr. Sullivan uses a Dermascope to assist in this assessment. This is a simple hand held tool that creates a special light and magnification, to more easily assess the characteristics of a lesion. This can help to eliminate the unnecessary removal of benign lesions.

Any lesions that are deemed suspicious, can then be treated with either a small piece being removed for pathological biopsy, or removal of the whole lesion.

Cosmetic removal of skin lesions can be done with careful excision, liquid nitrogen, cautery or lasers. Dr. Sullivan can offer a range of choices depending on your wishes. Cosmetic removal of skin lesions is not covered by provincial health care insurance plans, and the cost is the responsibility of the patient.

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