Introducing ProSkin 30 & ProSkin 60 Facial Treatment by Dermalogica

What are these new treatments? 

They are strategically designed 30 or 60 minute results-driven skin treatments that either target the entire face or a specific zone of the face. We use Dermalogica's active professional products to treat skin concerns. They are designed for individuals who have limited time but want maximum results, not to mention you get great value for the service!  ProSkin Treatments are effective yet quick enough to have done during your lunch break with no down time or preparation required.

Summer 2019 Promotion

During the months of June, July & August:
When you receive either a ProSkin 30 or a ProSkin 60 Facial Treatment get 10% OFF your Dermalogica product of choice

What Is ProSkin By Dermalogica

ProSkin 30
The ProSkin 30 is a personalized 30-minute Dermalogica treatment that addresses your top skin concern in a convenient amount of time. This service is a must for clients who want to give their skin special attention but don’t have a lot of time to spare or who are looking to address a specific concern between their ProSkin treatments. They allow you to quickly design an effective solution and create an ideal setting for the service provider to help you, the client, establish a good home care regimen that will maintain results.
ProSkin 60
The ProSkin 60 is a personalized 60-minute Dermalogica treatment that allows us to take you, our client, on the ultimate journey to your healthiest looking skin. This service is ideal for people who have a bit more time and want a customized and comprehensive experience that addresses individual skin concerns. By choosing the ProSkin 60 over the ProSkin 30, the extra 30 minutes gives the client a more restful and relaxing experience and ensures there is enough time to address specific issues in greater depth.

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