Vasectomy is the permanent sterilization of the male. The thought of this procedure strikes fear in most men. Many years ago, Dr. Rick Balharry took special training in a technique called No Scalpel Vasectomy. Where the regular method for this procedure requires a scalpel incision on both sides of the scrotum or sack, the No Scalpel procedure makes only a single tiny puncture on the front of the scrotum. With specialized instruments and technique, this allows access to both vas.

Once this is achieved, a small cut is made in the vas itself allowing a fine cautery probe to enter the lumen of the vas that goes up to the prostate. This damages the lining of the vas for about half an inch. This end is then very carefully buried under some tissue, with an absorbing suture. The end of the vas coming from the testicle is left open (open ended vasectomy). By doing so, there is no pressure build up of sperm, which continue to be produced after the vasectomy.

This method of vasectomy is slightly uncomfortable but is not painful. Likewise, the recovery will cause an aching feeling in the groins for a day or two which is easily managed with Tylenol or Advil.

It is simple to book an appointment for vasectomy. You will be advised to read the information on this website and you should also wear the tightest underwear that you have or even an athletic support. This will serve to hold the small dressing on your skin and also keeps the scrotum more comfortable after your procedure. You may wish to shave the hair from the front of the scrotum yourself. If not, Dr. Balharry will do this for you at the time of the procedure. You should also avoid heavy exercise or manual labour for approximately three days after your procedure.

After your procedure, you will be given an information sheet that explains your aftercare. Please remember that it can take several weeks before you have a negative sperm count.