Laser Facial by Clarity ll 

Nothing ages our skin faster than excessive or unprotected exposure to the sun. Sun damage can come in many forms and you might not even realize that you have it, nor might you realize that the visible effect of sun damage on your skin can easily be erased with laser treatments.

While numerous treatments (from simple creams to major surgery) exist to improve various facial imperfections, skin specialists have always sought dramatic improvement with low risk and minimal downtime.  We believe we have introduced the best treatment method in our current market to help remedy these concerns which is the Clarity II Laser machine.  The Clarity ll Laser Facial has become a very popular treatment in our clinic that can treat numerous skin concerns beyond the ones already mentioned such as rosacea, acne scarring, pore size, collagen loss and can deliver much improvement in the skin's texture and tone all of which accelerate the rate in which our skin shows age and as we know, the visible changes of aging are the appearance of fine wrinkles, brown spots and red marks.

The Canmore MediSpa uses this medical grade laser which allows our skilled technicians to choose a wavelength and pulse width to target brown or red pigment at the appropriate depth for each. Clarity ll has built-in cooling which can make the use of high energy safer and the treatment comfortable. This treatment can correct a variety of skin conditions such as facial skin imperfections, small veins and vessels and brown spots as well as reducing the size of enlarged pores and mild wrinkling.

Typically, more than one treatment is necessary to give an even and desired result. We can guide you through a treatment plan of 3-6 treatments for the best results! A full-face treatment will take about 40 minutes. 

After your treatment, your skin will look flushed for about an hour.  Brown spots and freckles may appear considerably darker for the first few days before they fade away. These can be covered with makeup.

By removing these changes, your skin will look years younger.

     Before                                                                      After

Before                                                                      After