Photorejuvenation / IPL

Both the pleasures and the stresses of life, along with the simple passage of time, take their toll on our skin.  The signs of aging and sun damage are typically most visible on a person’s face.
While numerous treatments, from simple creams to major surgery exist to improve various facial flaws, skin specialists have always sought dramatic improvement with low risk and no downtime.

This can be achieved with Intense Pulse Light technology or Rejuvenation. This treatment can correct a variety of skin conditions such as facial skin imperfections, birthmarks, small veins and vessels and brown spots as well as reducing the size of enlarged pores and mild wrinkling.

More than one treatment may be necessary to give an even result. A full face treatment will take about 40 minutes. There is a stinging sensation with the treatment that can be uncomfortable.  For that reason, you will be given a topical anesthetic cream to apply about one hour before your treatment.

After your treatment, your skin will look flushed for about an hour.  Brown spots and freckles may appear considerably darker for the first few days before they fade away. These can be covered with makeup.

This treatment is particularly beneficial for those who may have Rosacea skin. Rosacea is a skin condition that presents with many small blood vessels on the face, giving an appearance of redness and can cause pimples and large pores on the nose and cheeks.

The Vasculight IPL has been one of the most popular treatments in our Clinic. The visible changes of aging are the appearance of fine wrinkles, brown spots and red marks. By removing these changes, your skin will look years younger.