Laser Removal of Scars & Blemishes

The XS Dynamis can be used with laser scar revision treatments. Acne scars in particular respond well to gentle Er:YAG laser resurfacing.

Perfect for Pigmented Lesions
In addition to skin resurfacing, the XS Dynamis’ high-performance Er:YAG laser is well equipped to handle a range of other applications in aesthetics and dermatology. The XS Dynamis can safely and effectively remove pigmented lesions like keratoses and moles through gentle ablation of the epidermis and superficial dermis in a controlled and relatively bloodless manner. Clinical studies have shown that Er:YAG lasers are very effective for the treatment of keratoses, with a clinical and histological improvement of up to 93% after just a single treatment.

As this treatment is removing part of the skin, the recovery is usually longer than with Fractional Resurfacing. It will usually take about a week for the skin to heal. During this time, considerable care has to be taken to prevent any risk of infection. We also give you a prescription for medication to prevent infection with the cold sore virus or a bacterial infection. A slight redness can persist often for several weeks, but this can be easily covered with makeup. The result of this kind of treatment can be quite remarkable and can be well worth the recovery time.

Our skin is susceptible to small, irritating lesions such as moles, skin tags, milia (small white, blocked pores) and sebaceous hyperplasia (small white bumps, common on the forehead and face from overgrown sweat and oil glands). Prior to lasers, these were often difficult to treat cosmetically. Now, most of these lesions can be safely removed by laser, leaving either no scar or a very minor scar. Even troublesome problems like tags around the anus respond well to this kind of treatment.

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