Cancellation Policy

At times we are not able to accommodate a treatment or consultation due to lack of availability in our schedule. In the event you ever need to cancel a scheduled appointment, advance notice will often allow us to fill the spot with another patient/client who is on a waiting list.  At the very least, advance notice allows us to rearrange our schedules to make productive use of our time.  For this reason, we have a cancellation policy that you should be aware of:

Any treatment or consultation may be cancelled and rescheduled without penalty with a minimum of Forty-Eight (48) hours advance notice.
Cancellations with less than 48 hours notice will be subject to a rebooking fee and/or retained deposit.

Cancellations must be done by telephone.  Please call 403-678-5511  

We do understand that unforeseeable circumstances occasionally make it necessary to cancel an appointment with short notice.  Life sometimes happens and it doesn’t always happen in a predictable way - for this reason this policy is not written in stone.  In the event you are unable to make an appointment, as much notice as possible is sincerely appreciated.

If for any reason you cannot make your appointment, please be sure to let us know with adequate notice.  It is never our wish to charge anyone a fee of any kind for an appointment they could not make it to.

Thank you very much!


Late Arrival Policy

At Canmore MediSpa and Laser Centre, we want you to get the best result our technology is capable of delivering and adequate time is scheduled to accommodate every treatment thoroughly and safely. In the event of tardy arrival for your treatment you will be accommodated to the best of our ability within the remaining time available.  Our ability to do so will increase with advance notice so please call ahead if you are running late and let us know to expect you shortly. Extreme tardiness may necessitate rescheduling of the appointment in which case applicable late cancellation fees must be applied.

 Please call 403-678-5511 if you are running behind

Medical Botox Patients

Please ensure that you allow time to pick up your prescription of Botox PRIOR to your appointment.

  • If you arrive at your appointment without the Botox we will be unable to perform your treatment. Late cancellation and/or re-booking fees will apply
  • Please remember that Botox has to be kept cold (refrigerated) or it loses its potency and becomes ineffective.


FREE PARKING- Free parking can be found at the rear of the building.