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Dr. Erin Sullivan graduated medical school from the University of Limerick in Ireland in 2013. She returned to Canada, completing two residencies through the University of Saskatchewan, in Rural Family Medicine and Enhanced Surgical Skills. In June of 2018 she obtained a Diploma in Practical Dermatology through the University of Cardiff. Dr. Sullivan is currently completing her Diploma in Mountain Medicine through the Canadian Society of Mountain Medicine.

Post-graduate training provided Dr. Sullivan with an extensive skill set which included not only emergency and family medicine skills, but also proficiency in endoscopy, laparoscopic surgery, and operative obstetrics.

In rural Saskatchewan as a GP-Surgeon, Dr. Sullivan had the opportunity work as a true generalist. She cared for patients in settings ranging from the emergency department to the maternity ward. In addition, her surgical training enabled her to provide essential services such as caesarean sections and colonoscopies.

Prior to becoming a physician, Dr. Sullivan was an emergency nurse who worked in some of the most remote Inuit and First Nations communities in the Canadian Arctic.

Dr. Sullivan is an avid outdoor enthusiast who is extremely grateful to call Canmore home. When not in the clinic she can often be found climbing up mountains or attempting to ski down them!

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