About Dr. Balharry

Dr. Rick Balharry graduated from the University of St. Andrews, in Scotland in 1969. His interest was always surgical, and after working in Scotland and England until 1973, he came to Canada for a different experience. This experience was supposed to last only one year, but he liked Canada so much, that he is still here!

Dr. Balharry started his Canadian career in Saskatchewan and moved to Canmore in 1979, joining the Canmore Medical Clinic. He soon had a very busy general practice, including obstetrics, and then in 1995 he introduced the first medical laser into the Bow Valley and developed the Canmore Medical Laser Centre. This encouraged a passionate interest in cosmetic procedures which has continued to develop.

He attends many courses and training sessions with some of the leading cosmetic physicians in North America. He explores new procedures and techniques, and as a result, his clinic offers a wide variety of cosmetic medical and surgical procedures. He also performs general surgery at the Canmore Hospital.

He is an authority on Prolotherapy, which is an injection treatment for damaged ligaments (back and joint pain) He holds memberships in many different Societies including a Fellowship level in the American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery, a Diplomat status in the  Canadian Association of Aesthetic Medicine and holds a Fellowship with the Canadian Society of Phlebology.Dr.Balharry

Rick lives in Canmore with his energetic and supportive wife, Susan. His six children are now living independently and are individually successful. He has many interests in sports with squash, skiing (both snow and water) and biking and a keen interest in graphic arts and photography. He enjoys playing the piano and, in the past, has played in local pubs and restaurants and at local events.

Dr. Balharry plans to continue to expand the cosmetic services that he offers to the residents of the Bow Valley and beyond.

Professional Affiliations:
  • Alberta College of Physicians and Surgeons
  • Alberta Medical Association
  • Canadian Medical Protective Association
  • Canadian Society for Orthopedic Medicine
  • Canadian Society of Phlebology
  • American Society of Laser Surgery and Medicine
  • The Aesthetic Practice Association
  • Canadian Association of Aesthetic Medicine
Hospital Affiliations:
  • Canmore Hospital

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