About Barb Costley

Microblading, IPL & Laser Technician & Skin Care Specialist

Barb has become well established and immersed in Canmore’s community over the past 15 years where she and her husband have been fortunate enough to raise their two boys and lucky to call Canmore home. For several of those years, she commuted to Calgary to her esthetic salon that she was an owner and operator of for 24 years. Once she could no longer justify her commute into Calgary for work, Barb began exploring another area of esthetics which has always been her passion.

It was a natural progression in her personal career to train in Calgary to be the clinic’s Microblading Technician and was able to secure a position at the Canmore MediSpa by late 2017. While working at the clinic and being re-exposed to the vast variety of technical procedures (some of which she had performed in the past) her interest in clinical esthetics reawakened.

Barb had been performing IPL treatments for over a decade in Calgary but in order to stay current in the industry, Barb retrained and recertified as an IPL and Laser Technician and now accompanies Anna as one of the Laser/Light technicians.

Skin Care has always been of paramount interest for Barb because of her time working in the field of esthetics. She now has a new love for Vivier and Dermalogica as the two lines the Canmore MediSpa & Laser Centre stand behind. Extensive training and exposure to those product lines have allowed Barb the education and experience to provide exceptional skin care treatments.

It is an honour to be able to work with Anna who has extensive experience. We strive to please our clients by meeting and exceeding customer service expectations and achieving exceptional results.

Barb’s love of people and the interactions with them as well as her belief that we all have beauty, inside and out, has made her a great addition to the clinic where we want to highlight the best for our clients which goes along so well with the Canmore MediSpa’s tagline: “Clearly Beautiful Skin”

To get in touch with barb please email admin@canmoremedispa.com or call reception. 403-678-5511

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