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When you walk into our clinic and are greeted with the simple elegance and relaxing ambiance of a spa you might wonder if you're actually in a doctor's office. The answer is yes - and no.

Our office is a "dual atmosphere". This unique environment combines the cosmetic and medical practice of Dr. Balharry. There is a significant difference between patients and clients. Patients are here because they need to be while clients are here because they want to be.

  • We offer complimentary skin consultations
  • Prices and policies are subject to change without notice
  • Proof of Provincial Canadian Health Care will be required at time of consultation

Meet Dr. Balharry


Dr. Rick Balharry graduated from the University of St. Andrews, in Scotland in 1969. His interest was always surgical, and after working in Scotland and England until 1973, he came to Canada for a different experience. This experience was supposed to last only one year, but he liked Canada so much, that he is still here!

Dr. Balharry started his Canadian career in Saskatchewan and moved to Canmore in 1979, joining the Canmore Medical Clinic. He soon had a very busy general practice, including obstetrics, and then in 1995 he introduced the first medical laser into the Bow Valley and developed the Canmore Medical Laser Centre. This encouraged a passionate interest in cosmetic procedures which has continued to develop.

He attends many courses and training sessions with some of the leading cosmetic physicians in North America. He explores new procedures and techniques, and as a result, his clinic offers a wide variety of cosmetic medical and surgical procedures. He also performs general surgery at the Canmore Hospital.

He is an authority on Prolotherapy, which is an injection treatment for damaged ligaments (back and joint pain) He holds memberships in many different Societies including a Fellowship level in the American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery, a Diplomat status in the  Canadian Association of Aesthetic Medicine and holds a Fellowship with the Canadian Society of Phlebology.

Rick lives in Canmore with his energetic and supportive wife, Susan. His six children are now living independently and are individually successful. He has many interests in sports with squash, skiing (both snow and water) and biking and a keen interest in graphic arts and photography. He enjoys playing the piano and, in the past, has played in local pubs and restaurants and at local events.

Dr. Balharry plans to continue to expand the cosmetic services that he offers to the residents of the Bow Valley and beyond.

Professional Affiliations:
  • Alberta College of Physicians and Surgeons
  • Alberta Medical Association
  • Canadian Medical Protective Association
  • Canadian Society for Orthopedic Medicine
  • Canadian Society of Phlebology
  • American Society of Laser Surgery and Medicine
  • The Aesthetic Practice Association
  • Canadian Association of Aesthetic Medicine
Hospital Affiliations:
  • Canmore Hospital

Anna Gamache Bio

annaAnna commenced working for the Canmore Medispa and Laser Centre in August 2017 after completing her certification in advanced clinical Esthetics in Calgary. Training in multiple Medispa environments, Chemical Peels, Intense Pulse Light  (IPL), Photorejuvenation, Microdermabrasion and laser hair Removal were at the forefront of her education.

To further her commitment & passion in this ever changing and growing industry, Anna continues her studies with new and advanced treatments and services, in order to provide her clients with the latest and greatest!

Microneeding, skin laser, fractional resurfacing, vein treatments, Fibroblast Plasma Skin Tightening, Jane Iredale, Dermalogica, and Vivier training are areas where Anna is now both, qualified and certified.  Her extensive training in facials gives her in-depth understanding of the skin’s cell structure and confidently prescribes appropriate skin health products for YOUR skins specific needs.

Anna brings a fresh, professional outlook to skin health and advanced treatments. Anna's enthusiasm for keeping up to date with new ingredients, skin health products, and ongoing trends has been beneficial to both the clinic and to her clients. Where Anna excels is her care for each individual, by taking the time to get to know her clients and really listening to what their needs are. She customizes each visit and helps provide a solution that is suited to each individual’s wants and needs.

 "I believe that healthy skin means happy skin' - Anna G

To get in touch with Anna please email tech@canmoremedispa.com or call reception at 403-678-5511

Barb Costley Bio

Barb has become well established and immersed in Canmore’s community over the past 15 years where she and her husband have been fortunate enough to raise their two boys and lucky to call Canmore home. For several of those years, she commuted to Calgary to her esthetic salon that she was an owner and operator of for 24 years. Once she could no longer justify her commute into Calgary for work, Barb began exploring another area of esthetics which has always been her passion.

It was a natural progression in her personal career to train in Calgary to be the clinic’s Microblading Technician and was able to secure a position at the Canmore MediSpa by late 2017. While working at the clinic and being re-exposed to the vast variety of technical procedures (some of which she had performed in the past) her interest in clinical esthetics reawakened.

Barb had been performing IPL treatments for over a decade in Calgary but in order to stay current in the industry, Barb retrained and recertified as an IPL and Laser Technician and now accompanies Anna as one of the Laser/Light technicians.

Skin Care has always been of paramount interest for Barb because of her time working in the field of esthetics. She now has a new love for Vivier and Dermalogica as the two lines the Canmore MediSpa & Laser Centre stand behind. Extensive training and exposure to those product lines have allowed Barb the education and experience to provide exceptional skin care treatments.

It is an honour to be able to work with Anna who has extensive experience. We strive to please our clients by meeting and exceeding customer service expectations and achieving exceptional results.

Barb’s love of people and the interactions with them as well as her belief that we all have beauty, inside and out, has made her a great addition to the clinic where we want to highlight the best for our clients which goes along so well with the Canmore MediSpa’s tagline: “Clearly Beautiful Skin”

To get in touch with barb please email admin@canmoremedispa.com or call reception. 403-678-5511

Support Staff

Come in and say hello to our highly trained staff!

We are here to help you navigate our highly effective and results-driven selection of skin care products by Vivier and Dermalogica as well as our skin health vitamin line! Consultations are complimentary and can help guide you in the right direction to help you address your primary concerns by using either our products and/or the treatments the clinic offers to achieve the results you are aiming for.

Chelsey Mansell - Front End Reception & Skin Health Specialist

Terri Solodan - Front End Reception & Skin Health Specialist

Barb Costley - Office Administrator & Skin Health Specialist

Diane Fortin - Registered Nurse (RN)

Becky Wood - Registered Nurse (RN)

Ellen Roiden - Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN)

Sandra Baribeau - Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN)  (Currently enjoying her Maternity Leave)


The Canmore MediSpa & Laser Centre is keenly aware of the dramatic changes in the field of cosmetic medicine and we try to provide as wide a range of services and equipment as possible. Unfortunately, most of this equipment, particularly lasers, are extremely expensive to purchase and also have very expensive maintenance contracts to protect against breakdown and repair. The following is the current list of medical cosmetic equipment used at the MediSpa.

Vasculight Intense Pulse Light by LumenisRemoves brown spots, red spots, small blood vessels - skin photorejuvenation
Nubway V600 by NubwayRemoves red spots, small blood vessels, small spider veins, cherry hemangiomas
XS Dynamis by FotonaFor the treatment of stress urinary incontinence (SUI), vaginal relaxation syndrome, snoring and fractional laser resurfacing to treat aging skin, acne scars, traumatic scars and more.
SilkPeel™ DermalInfusion™ by Envy Medical, Inc.

Advanced exfoliation and the delivery of condition-specific topicals.

Assists with making skin look healthier, smoother, and clearer - including:
• Clarifying oily, blemish prone or acne prone skin;
• Moisturizing dry, flaky patches or fine lines and wrinkles;
• Brightening red, or blotchy patches, skin that has been overexposed to the sun, or just needs a brightening boost.

BodyTite & Fractora by InvasixRadio-Frequency Assisted LipoTightening (RFAL) for skin tightening & body contouring.
Lightsheer XC by LumenisLaser hair removal. Still considered the ‘gold standard’ for hair reduction.
Blu-U by DusaEmits light at 420nm wave length. Ideal for treating acne. Used with Levulan to treat acne and actinic keratosis.
MyLab 15 by Biosound e-saoteColour Doppler ultrasound for mapping and assessment of varicose veins.
Profect PhotoPro Digital Imaging System by Profect Medical TechnologiesAdvanced digital photo imaging system designed to photo-document detailed before and after images of the skin with an emphasis on capturing conditions not visible to the naked eye.

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