We incorporate premier products such as Alastin, Vivier and Jane Iredale into your treatments to deliver maximum results. We offer these product lines at a retail level so you can use them at home as part of your skin care regime to help you achieve “Clearly Beautiful Skin”.


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The Canmore MediSpa & Laser Centre has become the “Gold Standard” in providing current medical and cosmetic treatments.

Our highly trained staff combines the luxury and distinction of traditional spa techniques with state-of-the-art medical technology.

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  • Thank you Dr. Balharry and Staff.  I had a delightful experience here this morning and very much appreciate the attentiveness and complimentary service.  I wish I had made this transition many years earlier.  I look forward to seeing you in the future and perhaps checking out some of your other services.
  • Verified Visitor
    I am writing to thank Dr. Balharry and his wonderful team! I received the O-Shot in mid April and am so pleased with the result. I have experienced enhanced sexual desire, arousal, lubrication, and orgasms. I no longer experience pain during orgasm due to dryness or thinning of the vaginal walls. I now once again anticipate and enjoy the entire sexual experience with my husband rather than rushing through it or avoiding making love and feeling badly. As well, I am sleeping through the night rather than getting up four or five times to urinate. I thought I just had a small bladder, however, this was not the case as the O-Shot quickly demonstrated. I feel rested, happy, and more alive than I have in some time!
    Verified Visitor
  • Verified  Whatclinic user
    Treatment Received:
    • Labiaplasty
    • Circumcision
    I had a labiaplasty and also the O-shot yesterday by Dr Balharry. Very pleasant doctor and he made me feel relaxed and confident in his knowledge. The best thing I like about Balharry is he made sure I got to participate in what was to be performed and took the time to discuss all my questions. For example, I wanted the wedge method instead of the common trim and we were able to discuss the pros and cons of each. I am less sore today than yesterday, so I feel I am recovering quickly! He has given me good aftercare instructions and even though my girly bits look a bit distorted from slight swelling and bruising, I'm very happy with the result so far!!!! I totally recommend him! Great guy and great bedside manners as they say ;-) As a last note I'm super excited I've had the O-shot done and that it's offered at this clinic, since it has not been offered long anywhere!!!!! I will be sure to update in a couple months and share my recovery and if I can finally have strong orgasms from the shot. As for the review of the clinic the first thing when I came in I saw they have over blue boot/shoe coverings, which is nice to keep the area clean. Second, when filling out my information they used erasable sheets instead of regular paper and that is way kinder to our trees. Awesome staff, very pleasant, accommodating, considerate, and aim to please. They made me feel very comfortable to say the least! I was served tea during my wait before my procedure. All in all, I would absolutely recommend and return to Canmore medi spa for treatments. Big thank you to the staff!!
    Verified Whatclinic user
  • M.P-B
    When I first came to Dr. Balharry, I was at the point of having to consider a wheelchair. I had chronic pain for 15 years, which evolved to the point of loss of function largely secondary to ligamentous laxity throughout my spine and sacroiliac joints, which was exacerbated by having worn a spinal brace for over a year. Dr. Balharry was appropriately hopeful and encouraging from the onset. In addition to his superlative clinical skill, he has consistently treated me with genuine empathy and respect, both for my medical difficulties and for me as a whole person. Today, thanks to Dr. Balharry, I am able to walk and once again spend hours more comfortably doing the work that I love. Dr. Balharry has been God's instrument in giving me my life back. I am forever grateful, and wish him more good things in his life than could ever be conveyed with words.
  • Cheryl Howell
    I would refer anyone that I know who has problems to your clinic. I am so happy with the friendly greetings upon arriving and excellent service. Dr. Balharry is absolutely the best. He explains everything so thoroughly and goes over all he does in detail. He takes extra care in making sure the injections in my back etc. are done with precision and with as little pain as possible. Best clinic ever, I am thankful to each one there.
    Cheryl Howell
    Calgary, Alberta
  • Laurel
    I have been a patient of Dr. Balharry for well over a decade. I initially met him following a referral for prolotherapy. The treatments profoundly diminished the level of increasing pain I had suffered for several years following an accident. I was able to stop taking medication, sleep more easily and soundly, return to the sports I enjoy, and a busy and fulfilling career. Dr. Balharry truly gave me back my life. Since that time, I have had several of the treatments for aging skin (PDT, ProFractional Resurfacing, Fractora, Sculptura, and PDO Threads) offered at the Canmore MediSpa and Laser Centre. I have found them very effective for promoting a more youthful appearance while aging gracefully. I continue to follow up regularly with IPL and microZone and use the Vivier product line to promote healthy skin. Dr. Balharry and his team are friendly, professional, respectful, understanding, compassionate, and forthright. All procedures are thoroughly explained, all questions answered, and recommendations made based on what is best for me. As well, Dr. Balharry explains what is happening as each treatment proceeds. I find his manner reassuring and trustworthy. He also has a great sense of humor. I cannot begin to express my appreciation and gratitude to the entire team for all they have done to help me over the years.
  • Jackolynn
    Hi Rick and Staff, Having been a recipient of your care for more than 20 years, I can only commend you all on your excellent care, knowledge and treatment. You are always highly recommended by me to all those who are injured or battling the ageing process. From the bottom of my heart, thank you!
  • D.A. Foothills
    I want to thank Dr. Balharry, the Staff at his office and the Staff at the Canmore Hospital for the excellent, professional care I received before, during, and after my vein surgery. Everyone I came in contact with was pleasant and professional. It was a very positive experience for me. I am doing well in my recovery. You all can be very proud of your Hospital and its Staff.
    D.A. Foothills