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Medique Skincare features a unique line of quality skincare products which utilize alpha/beta hydroxy acids, retinol, antioxidants, vitamins and botanicals. Medique products, created by a dermatologist, are non-comedogenic and all ingredients are carefully selected to ensure they are the least likely to cause irritation.

Medique is committed to ensuring that none of its products are tested on animals.

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Facial Cleanser AHA/BHA

Medique Facial Cleanser AHA/BHA is a low-foam gel cleanser designed for all skin types. Containing Alpha/Beta Hydroxy Complex and botanicals, it can cleanse, gently exfoliate and soothe the skin. Removes makeup including eye makeup. Excellent daily cleanser, also effective for acne-prone skin, helping photoaging and reducing shaving irritation. Available in a 170 mL bottle.

Fragrance Free
For All Skin Types

Contains four Alpha hydroxy acids (Glycolic, Lactic, Malic, and Tartaric) plus Citric acid, which is a Beta hydroxy acid. The four AHAs and one BHA are of different molecular sizes resulting in more even exfoliation with less irritation.

Contains antioxidants (Green Tea Extract and Vitamin C), which can help reduce environmental skin damage.

Contains botanicals – Algae (Seaweed) and Kola Nut Extract – which are soothing to the skin.

Effective in reducing sebaceous (oil) gland blockage.

• Low foam cleanser
• Photoaging
• Blackheads
• Mild acne
• Helps reduce shaving irritation in men, on the face and neck
• Priming for X-Fol Rejuvenating Exfoliative Treatment
• Pretreatment cleanse for X-Fol Rejuvenating Exfoliative Treatment.

Apply to dampened/wet face and massage into a lather. Rinse thoroughly with tepid water. Use once or twice daily. Can also be used for shaving.

Multivitamin Enriched Face Cream

Medique Multivitamin Enriched Face Cream is a unique fragrance-free moisturizer containing vitamins A, D, E, Panthenol and Riboflavin. Designed for normal to dry skin. Daily use of this face cream can help improve dry, rough facial skin plus protect the youthful natural glow of the skin.

Fragrance Free
For Normal to Dry Skin

Contains five vitamins: Vitamin A, Panthenol (Provitamin B5), Riboflavin (Vitamin B2), Vitamin D and Vitamin E. The mixture of five vitamins increases moisturizing ability. The two antioxidant vitamins (A and E) can help reduce environmental skin damage.

Final step in X-FOL rejuvenating exfoliative treatment.

Apply to the face and neck once or twice daily.

Peppermint Crème Lip Balm

Medique Peppermint Crème Lip Balm is a 90% organic product that moisturizes dry, chapped lips.

Natural Product
For All Skin Types
Available in a 4.25 g tube


  • Contains oils of coconut, sunflower seed, peppermint and jojoba, plus shea and cocoa butter — all certified organic
  • Vitamin E (non-GMO Tocopherol) is used to preserve shelf life - no artificial preservatives
  • Not tested on animals


  • Moisturizer for dry lips
  • Controls dry lips in patients on Accutane

Apply to lips as needed.