Jun 17, 2015

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Beauty In The 21st Century: June 2015 Newsletter

Beauty in the 21st Century

Today's definition of beauty is certainly a game changer. No longer do we have to accept aging gracefully or aging at all for that matter. Whether you're an avid fan of cosmetic injectables likes Botox and Fillers, or prefer to stimulate your own collagen and elastin through laser treatments, one sentiment rings true...it's your face, your rules!

We all too often hear of women going to great lengths to hide receipts from their partners after they've had cosmetic services done. Why? Usually because of the stigma of appearing vain. When taking care of your car is paramount to it's optimal life span, why should your skin be any different? The take home message is, don't let others dictate what is acceptable or not when it comes to your skin. Create your own beauty rules.



From the desk of Dr. Balharry...

What is beauty?
One of the things that crops up quite often when I am doing a skin consultation is symmetry. When people are asking about Botox or fillers, particularly for the first time, they are often totally unaware of the asymmetry in their faces until it is pointed out or seen on a photograph.

When we are born, the bones in our skull (and there are 14 of them) are not fused together. This allows the baby’s head to come through the birth canal by shrinking and moving. Then, over the next few months, the bones fuse together. At this point, it is rare that the bones fuse symmetrically so we all end up with a little difference in the skull from one side to the other and, of course, this is the framework that our facial muscles and skin are draped on. And, as we mature, again our skeleton changes over time. Often, the first time that we realise this is when we have to put on glasses and notice that one ear is higher than the other and the glasses don’t sit squarely on our face.

So, what has this to do with beauty?  The great minds in early Greece took great pains to study the dimensions of the face and body for their paintings and sculptures. This produced the Golden Rule where facial and body proportions were all linked to Phi (1:1.6). The face can be broken down in to this proportion from width to height, upper to lower lip and so on. These proportions were seen as perfection and portrayed in the art of the day.

There have been recent studies where faces were photographed, the face divided on the photograph and the mirror image placed on the opposite side. This should be perfection but this was not always seen as beautiful. Other studies have examined people’s concept of beauty and faces that appeared symmetrical were not always seen as the most beautiful.

This is important when we are providing cosmetic treatments such as Botox or fillers. Trying to create symmetry in an asymmetrical face may not be what the person sees as improvement. Or, it can if, for instance, there is one low eyebrow compared to the other which can be evened out with Botox, then a more pleasing result may be the outcome.
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Gina's Skin Care Tips...

There are a few rules of skin care that are important to implement every day. By following these simple, yet crucial guidelines, you will benefit your skin health long term.

  1. Knowing your skin type – this helps you to choose the right products for your skin and ensures you are helping the problem and not making it worse such as rough patches or excessive oil production. Not sure how to tell what your skin type is? Monitor it throughout the day. How does it feel right after your cleanse or midday? If you are still unsure talk to a professional.
  2. Washing your face before bed - seems simple enough but often we can be too tired to turn on the tap at the end of the day. Keep a pack of pre moistened face wipes by your bed such as the Dermalogica Precleanse wipes. They gently yet effectively remove stubborn makeup without stripping your skin of its natural oils.
  3. Use sun protection - the majority of the damage we see on our skin is a result of sun exposure throughout the years. Although we may have an endless variety of products and treatment options, unprotected exposure to the sun will reverse the good that the products or treatments have done. Protect your investment.

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