Nov 05, 2013

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To diagnose, or not diagnose


Be wary when using online medical tools...

The internet has transformed our world of information and how we access that information. Knowledge is literally within our instant demand with search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo at our fingertips, ready to spring into action the moment we type a command. Unfortunately such knowledge can also possess a downside with the growing trend to "self diagnose". How many times have you, or known of someone, who has gone to a web based medical "dictionary", typed in a few symptoms only to have the list of possible diseases flash up on the screen. This is a new, scary reality that people are taking seriously instead of seeking the professional help of a trained, experienced medical practitioner. Whilst there are circumstances that inhibit a person to seek proper medical advice, I can at least advise that all skin consultations at my clinic are complimentary....and always will be.

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Chemical Peel vs. Micro Laser Peel

Topical vs. technology...what's the best when it comes to peels?

Both have some outstanding pros in that they slough off the outer layer of the epidermis, stimulate collagen (if deep enough) and provide excellent exfoliation to "polish" the new skin cells. But what's the difference between a chemical peel vs. a micro laser peel. A micro laser peel allows the technician to penetrate a specific depth into the epidermis and dermis depending on the client's required outcome. A chemical peel is a little more unstable in that one can never be 100% sure how deep the peel is going to penetrate nor the kind of reaction the skin will present once the chemicals are applied. Taking into consideration the above two factors, we endorse micro laser peels over chemical peels for a more controlled outcome. We are happy to extend an introductory price of $100 for your first micro laser peel here at the Canmore Medispa & Laser Centre.* * Conditions apply, please contact us for more details.

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