Mar 14, 2016

The Canmore MediSpa and Laser Centre

Roses are red...faces can be too! March 2016 Newsletter


Roses are red...faces can be too! 

And not just from embarrassment! We've all had a red face at some time in our lives but others live with this constantly. There can be many causes of redness but by far the most common is inflammation. Inflammation can present on our faces from acne, rosacea and sun exposure.

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Acne is an inflammatory condition that is mainly focused on the teenage years. The hormonal effects on the skin cause over production of sebum which in turn creates inflammation in the oil glands of the skin. The can produce overall redness of the skin as well as the familiar blackheads, pimples and pustules.

Rosacea is an inherited skin condition most commonly found in those whose family background is Celtic or Northern European although it can affect many skin types. The underlying condition here is inflammation that presents as redness on the cheeks, nose, forehead and chin as well as cysts and pustules.  

Sun exposure is obvious and excessive sun exposure can  cause chronic inflammatory changes in the exposed skin. These skin conditions all require slightly different treatments for the redness. Acne can be mild to very severe and may need treatment with topical creams, antibiotics or Accutane.  

The redness will often respond to the actual acne  treatment but sometimes this has to be addressed separately. Rosacea may also respond to creams but again, this may require antibiotics or anti-inflammatory medicine to relieve the condition.

Once the inflammatory part of these conditions is more under control, attention can be given to the redness. There are skin products that are designed specifically for red skin, helping to reduce the redness and also can be used to mask the redness. We also use light treatments to reduce the redness. This is particularly true of the redness associated with rosacea which responds very nicely to Intense Pulsed Light (IPL).

In summary, we have options to help with facial redness so this does not need to be a continued stress. We can’t, of course, do much about the redness of embarrassment – only you can prevent that one!



Gina's Skin Care Tips...

If your skin is red, and you have the tendency to flush coupled with broken veins, laser and light treatments can be a great way to reduce those characteristics*. There are products you can use at home that can prolong the results you get from such treatments. Vivier Pharma has a skin care system appropriate for rosacea and sensitive skin types. These products are designed to calm, soothe and reduce the appearance of redness. These products also make the skin more tolerant by rebuilding the skin's natural moisture barrier. 

This month, we are featuring Dermalogica's Redness Relief Primer. This primer is tinted with natural green botanical extracts that helps to counteract redness and even skin tone. Velvety silicone smooth the skin's surface and strengthen the barrier protection while physical sunblock shields the skin from harmful UV rays.

* Due to this particular skin type, these characteristics will come back again.

Clinic News

We are happy to announce starting Tuesday May 3rd through Wednesday August 31st, every TUESDAY & WEDNESDAY, the clinic will be operating on SUMMER HOURS, 8AM - 4PM.
On Monday March 7, Betty attended the Jane Iredale ‘Artist Eyes’ university course in Calgary, Alberta. The course was one day, featuring Brand Educator Setasha Adesimi.
This class was designed to empower students to be creative and not be intimidated when applying eye makeup. Students learnt basic eye enhancement, how to properly balance brows, proper application of concealer and simple eye shadow techniques. This class incorporated both lecture and practical sessions. Betty is now a Certified Jane Iredale eye artist!
If you are interested in tips on how to apply eye makeup, or would like your makeup applied for you, please feel free to call Betty at (403) 678 - 5511 extension 6 or email to arrange an appointment.


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